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Now is the Time to Sell in Arizona

Now is the time in Arizona to get your home on the market. Those thinking about short sale, loan modification, or foreclosure need to make the decision  with the right information. Multiple offers from buyers, bank incentives, and tax release and just three of the reasons to talk to a professional...
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Tax Benefit Expires 2013

For many Arizonans with an underwater mortgage,completing a short sale or foreclosure before the start of next year is essential to take advantage of a large tax benefit set to expire at the beginning of 2013. Ordinarily any debt forgiveness received is treated by the IRS as income to the...
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How is my credit effected?

“How is this going to effect my credit?”  This may be the most common question we receive.  While there is no way to provide an exact answer for everyone, industry guidelines and our experience show there are a few things to understand. 1. Short Sale = Temporary           Foreclosure = Forever...
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