How is my credit effected?

“How is this going to effect my credit?”  This may be the most common question we receive.  While there is no way to provide an exact answer for everyone, industry guidelines and our experience show there are a few things to understand.

1. Short Sale = Temporary           Foreclosure = Forever

2. Long term effects include 2-3 years to buy a home after a short sale as opposed to 5-7 years after a Trustee’s Sale or foreclosure.

3. Short term effects will vary based on the number of missed payments a borrower has with their lender.

According to a 2010 article from CNN Money, based on missed monthly payments or delinquencies, the average homeowner will lose anywhere from 40-160 points.  Here is the average short term effects to a homeowner’s credit when they miss payments:

30 days late: 40 – 110 points

90 days late: 70 – 135 points

Foreclosure, short sale or deed-in-lieu: 85 – 160

Bankruptcy: 130 – 240

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